Frequently asked questions

1. Can I pick up my order personally?

Yes, you can pick up your order personally in Place Jourdan. In order to do so, please select “Local Pick-up Place Jourdan” when checking out. In case of a personal pick-up, no delivery costs will be charged.


2. Do you do custom orders?

Unfortunately no. Our laboratory is currently unable to process any type of custom orders. This means that we are unable to change our recipes or eliminate any of the ingredients used to make our selection of cakes.


3. Are your cakes low calorie?

They are not. We use a wide range of nuts and healthy fat (coconut and cocoa butters) as well as dried fruit as main ingredients. Although very healthy and satiating, they are not low calorie and we do not recommend indulging on large quantities of our cakes if you are following a weight loss diet. On an average, our cakes have approximately 270kcal/100 grams.


4. Do you have a physical shop in Brussels?

Not yet. However, we do have a food truck and you can find us in many of the Brussels markets during the week. We are regulars in the Sunday market in Place Jourdan.


5. Can you do a custom decor for my cake?

Unfortunately no. However, we can accompany your cake, upon request, with special messages or candles.


6. Do you deliver on week-ends?

Yes, but subject to our availability. Please note that, since all our cakes our frozen, we can deliver your order during the weekdays and you can keep it in the freezer until the day you want to eat it (or one day before, and thaw during the night in the refrigerator).


7. Do you do same-day deliveries?

Yes, but subject to availability. If you want to have your cake(s) delivered on the same day, please call before placing your order to confirm that we have an available slot. Please also note that all our cakes are frozen and that their thawing time varies depending on size and method.